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US Youth Soccer Marketplacemarketplace


What is The Marketplace?

Marketplace for players, parents, coaches and clubs:

The idea of Marketplace is to take companies that offer soccer goods and services and list them in one location. The shoppers can search by various categories depending on the item they're looking for and receive a list of companies that offer the desired goods.

Marketplace recently launched, and as it grows there will be State Associations with their own Marketplace for localized shopping.

Marketplace for vendors:

Hello and thank you for your interest in The Marketplace. The idea is simple, let us get you and your product or service in front of the US Youth Soccer community through a basic listing or through enhanced listing options.

A basic listing features:

  • Your company logo
  • A description of what your company offers
  • The option to choose up to three searchable vendor categories to be listed under
  • Your own listing page with contact information
  • A link directly to your website
  • The option for a link to a video

You can also enhance your visibility with a featured listing, which is seen near the top of each page on a rotating basis. There are also four different advertisement banners available for companies to choose from, one of which will be located on select pages of US Youth Soccer's primary website, USYouthSoccer.org.

The vision of The Marketplace is to allow you a chance to focus nationally or locally depending on your strategy. In the future, US Youth Soccer State Associations will have their own marketplaces and through a simple form, you can engage both national and state marketplaces. The Marketplace will be featured on USYouthSoccer.org and other channels to assist your efforts and ultimately grow your business by helping the US Youth Soccer community find your products and services to improve the game.

The Marketplace is just launching and we look forward to great growth in the months to come. All you need to do is complete the form on the Vendor Sign-Up page, select where you'd like to highlight your business and we'll let you know when you are approved.